The Sky is the Limit

Bringing together native students interested in how the changing climate is affecting indigenous communities throughout North America.

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Our people have been here since the beginning of time.

As tribal people, our closeness to the land and the community of life it supports and the knowledge that comes from living in a place for thousands of years gives us unique perspectives, insights, and approaches that can help our modern society adapt to climate change.

If you are concerned about climate change, join us as we share stories about the climate, how it’s changing our communities and traditions and our futures as indigenous peoples. Learn what we can do as individuals and as communities to adapt and thrive in the future.

How it Works is a classroom-based network.

Step 1
Ask your teacher or instructor to submit a request-to-join, along with a profile of your class.
Step 2
We'll sign up your classroom and your teacher will send out email invitations to all of the students in your class.
Step 3
Students reply to the email and join as a member of your class. Once you are a member, the sky is the limit.

As native people, we have a unique perspective.

Collectively we possess in-depth, regional geographic knowledge about not just the climate, but also the cycles of plants and animals, knowledge conveyed through observations, oral histories, stories, elder interviews, and tribal calendars—many of which reach back hundreds, even thousands of years.

Finding solutions to the challenges we face requires that depth of knowledge and it requires communication and collaboration. On you can do just that. Share your voice by joining the conversation and by helping to inspire others to action.

  • Post about climate-related events like floods, droughts and wildfires that are affecting your community.
  • Talk with other native students from Alaska to Arizona and from Washington to Florida about the impacts they're facing.
  • Share how climate change is affecting your tribe's traditional plant harvesting, fishing, hunting, root digging, storytelling or other cultural activities and about what your elders are saying and what your community is doing to address the changes.
  • Create and post culturally relevant, climate-themed art, writing, songs, stories and videos.
  • Make new friends across Indian Country.

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